Geriatric massage

Geriatric massage


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Improving the quality of life of seniors

Improving the quality of life of seniors


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It soothes the symptoms of aging

It soothes the symptoms of aging


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Geriatric massage

Geriatric massage (massage for the elderly) is a form of massage adapted to the specific needs of seniors, designed to adjust the treatment to the involutional and somatic changes associated with old age. The massage uses special, non-invasive gentle techniques, positioning positions and elements that influence the overall character of the therapy tailored specially for seniors.

Geriatric massage complements the physiotherapy of the elderly.


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Benefits of geriatric massage



- the release of endorphins as an analgesic
- better blood circulation
- increased lymph flow
- improving the skin’s elasticity, moisturising it
- activating the little-used muscles
- increasing secretion of endorphins, vasodilators, reduction of cortisol levels
- increasing production of joint fluid
- stimulation of the senses (smell, touch)


- combating depression
- reducing rheumatic and muscular pains
- reducing blood pressure
- supporting lymphatic stasis removal
- supporting recovery from strokes, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, postoperative joint conditions, arthritis
- speeding up recovery from injuries and surgical procedures, e.g. hip replacement
- increasing the absorption of medicines
- reducing contractures

Pro-social effects

- combating loneliness
- creating links between the resident and the community
- building emotional balance
- reducing fear and anxiety
- improving the quality of life
- increasing self-esteem
- creating a sense of being needed and important
- increasing independence

Benefits for nursing homes

  • Reduced healthcare expenditure
  • minimising expenditure on painkillers, sedatives and sleeping pills
  • reducing the cost of dressings by improving the condition of the skin through massage
  • improving social contacts: employee-to-patient, family-to-patient, family-to- worker
  • relaxing the senior allows to carry out other care activities, medical treatments and daily duties
  • residents’ satisfaction with the place they live in
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Our philosophy is TOUCH that strengthens.

Feeling tactile stimuli through a gentle massage significantly improves the quality of life of seniors on many levels. In senile age, the tactile stimulus is significantly reduced, and it is not known from today what benefits come from a supportive, warm touch of another person, which is an important element of non-verbal communication. Geriatric massage has a unique character and brings positive effects that go beyond the purely medical zone.

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About me
linia About me

My name is Katarzyna and I hold master’s degree in nursing. I have various experience in my profession – started as a nurse in University Clinical Hospital in Poland and then, after moving to Iceland, continued working in Landspitali in Reykjavik. Currently settled as a nurse in Hrafnista nursing home. Working there has given me a lot of satisfaction and I felt like there is something more I could do to make life of the residents more enjoyable.

Since I have finished numerous massage courses – classic, isometric, relaxation, lymphatic drainage, and recently, geriatric massage, I thought this is what I could progress in with focus specifically on elderly people. They need tactile stimulation; it is a great both physical and mental support. I always put all my heart in what I do, and I feel like bringing relief to the most vulnerable through massage, their smile and pure relax time for themselves is my biggest reward and motivator.

"Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around..." 

Leo Buscaglia


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