Geriatric massage

Geriatric massage (massage for the elderly) is a form of massage adapted to the specific needs of seniors, designed to adjust the treatment to the involutional and somatic changes associated with old age.

The massage uses special, non-invasive gentle techniques, positioning positions and
elements that influence the overall character of the therapy tailored specially for seniors.

Geriatric  massage  in  its  current  form  is  based  mainly  on  scientific research and clinical experience. It has its origins in the  1980s  and  1990s.  The  precursor  of  this  technique  was  Dietrich W.Miesler.  In  1982  he  founded  the  Day-Break  Geriatric  Massage  Project, which in time became the Geriatric Massage Institute.

Masseurs performing the treatment must not only understand the ageing process of the body, but also choose the right massage techniques, stimuli strength, massage speed, and be aware of the changes that occur on different levels. Theoretical and medical knowledge is not everything. The masseur should accept his or her patients, show sensitivity, understanding, tenderness and have an individual and respectful approach towards each of them.

The right approach, medical expertise and understanding of the problems and needs of elderly people will bring considerable benefits to themselves, their families and the staff of nursing homes.

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