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The demographic aging rate in Iceland is quite high, namely:


  • 60 20% Icelanders 60 years and older represent 20% ( 72,906)
  • 65 14,4% Icelanders 65 years and older 14.4% ( 52,473)
  • 67 11,6% Icelanders 67 years and older 11.6% ( 45.250)
  • 70 9,7% Icelanders aged 70 and over 9.7% (35, 492)

The process of ageing in the population is widespread and irreversible.

Ageing Western countries bring about new challenges in medical care. The main target group of the health service are senior citizens. In recent years, there has been an increasing interest in various fields of geriatrics, mainly geriatric physiotherapy.

Unfortunately, in Western culture today, health professionals are often prejudiced against older people, and their needs are overlooked. In recognition of the special needs of the elderly, whose psychophysical state is just as different as that of people of productive age, a massage has been created that is aimed primarily at seniors. It is a unique geriatric massage with positive effects that go beyond the purely medical zone.



From a young age, we are used to receiving tactile stimuli from other
human beings expressing different emotions through their support, love,
care, soothing pain, or a simple hello. First, we are hugged by our parents,
later by our partner/spouse, but in old age, there are way fewer tactile
stimuli, while it is a well-known fact that the benefits of a supportive, warm
touch from another person are an important part of non-verbal

communication.  The  period  of  life  in  which  the  elderly  find  themselves  is  sometimes  
filled  with  pain,  both  physical  (caused  by  various  diseases)  and  
psychological  pain  as  well  as  loneliness.  The  reason  is  the  loss  of  a  
partner or reduced social contact.  Sometimes a simple hug or holding an older person’s hand means a lot. I
know this from my own experience because sometimes, I express my care,
empathy, and understanding precisely in this way.




I have found it to be very vital and valuable for people living in a nursing home. Many times, it is a very moving and uplifting moment for both people. One warm touch sometimes means more than a thousand words.  Many studies confirm the many benefits of physical contact in humans. It is mainly the medical staff who spend their time with nursing home residents, and their task is to meet not only their physiological needs but also psychological ones.   Touch can convey a lot of information and emotion; it has its own quality and intention and is therefore considered a very important part of non-verbal communication. Gentle touch has been proven to facilitate physical and mental functioning, reduce stress, relieve pain and increase the ability to cope with everyday life. Seniors who are regularly treated with a ‘dose’ of touch in the form of massage are healthier and less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. In addition, sensory stimulation increases human interaction. It gives lonely people energy and helps them cope with problems such as depression, isolation and lack of self-esteem. The very process of waiting for a massage is something important to the senior. It gives them a sense of security and care.

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