The benefits of geriatric massage

No single massage technique can reverse or stop the ageing process.

However, proper geriatric massage techniques that are adapted to old age alleviate its ‘symptoms’. They have a great impact on the physical, emotional and social areas of one’s functioning.

Benefits of geriatric massage:


  • the release of endorphins as an analgesic
  • better blood circulation
  • increased lymph flow
  • improving the skin’s elasticity, moisturising it
  • activating the little-used muscles
  • increasing secretion of endorphins, vasodilators, reduction of cortisol levels
  • increasing production of joint fluid
  • stimulation of the senses (smell, touch)
  • stimulation of the nervous system,
  • eliminating body rigidity
  • relaxing muscular tensions
  • improving skin nutrition and color
  • increasing removal of toxins from the body
  • preventing swelling
  • increasing erythrocyte count
  • improving oxygen delivery to body cells, including the brain
  • improving muscle condition, strength and flexibility
  • improving mobility in the joints
  • preventing pressure sores
  • easier and deeper breathing
  • increasing the activity of the immune system
  • analgesic effect for the following diseases: intervertebral disc degeneration, spinal stenosis, RA
  • calming, physical, mental and emotional relaxation
  • reducing stress
  • improving motor coordination, improving posture
  • improving the quality and length of sleep
  • reducing the need for painkillers and sleeping pills
  • increasing energy levels, vigour and mental sharpness
  • supporting the sick and dying.


  • combating depression
  • reducing rheumatic and muscular pains
  • reducing blood pressure
  • supporting lymphatic stasis removal
  • supporting recovery from strokes, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, postoperative joint conditions, arthritis
  • speeding up recovery from injuries and surgical procedures, e.g. hip replacement
  • increasing the absorption of medicines
  • reducing contractures
  • reducing constipation
  • alleviating the symptoms of Alzheimer’s
  • reduction of excitement, aggression, paranoia and confusion
  • general relief of dementia symptoms

Pro-social effects:

  • combating loneliness
  • creating links between the resident and the community
  • building emotional balance,
  • reducing fear and anxiety
  • improving the quality of life
  • increasing self-esteem
  • creating a sense of being needed and important
  • increasing independence
  • balancing the body with the mind.
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