Terminal care

A drop in blood pressure, blotchy skin, bruising on distal body regions, fluctuations in body temperature, irregular and shallow breathing with apnoeic phases are signs of impending death.

In massage for people in palliative care, contraindications are no longer relevant. Gentle manual work can bring immeasurable benefits to people nearing the end of their lives. A delicate massage soothes anxiety, reduces stress, improves the quality of sleep, relieves pain and above all satisfies the need for contact with another person. Touch ‘leaves’ the body as the last of all senses, so it is the only form of non-verbal communication with the dying person.

Massage for people in the terminal phase does not only meet spiritual and emotional needs but also alleviates physical ailments. The presence of loved ones and tactile stimuli such as stroking have an immeasurable effect on both the person in the terminal phase and their family, who can say goodbye to their loved one in peace and would like to do so in the best possible manner.

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