Senior assessment and preparation for massage


  1. Personal hygiene is an important part of a massage, benefiting both the  masseur and their patient. The massage is recommended to take place on the day of the bath or the day after. The skin will be moisturised and nourished with natural massage oils, helping to keep it in good condition for the following days. This process will also encourage seniors to bathe regularly.
  2. Another crucial thing is the attention to the surroundings in the massage  parlour or senior’s apartment/room. The right mood, soft light and aromatherapy have a  soothing effect on the soul.
  3. Ensuring safe movement and helping to prepare for the massage without  rushing.
  4. An essential part of the massage is to assess the senior’s physical aptitude. This determines which massage methods can be used and where the massage should take place (e.g. massage bed, patient’s bed, sitting position, e.g. in a wheelchair).
  5. Conducting a medical interview based on medical records. Whenever in doubt, one should consult a doctor.
  6. Establishing a relationship with the patient, identifying individual preferences and massage goals.
  7. Obtaining information on pain, medications taken, allergies, lifestyle and past surgical procedures, skin condition.
  8. Measuring blood pressure.
  9. Choosing the right position for the massage.
  10. Carrying out a skin test for the oil used in the massage.
  11. Selecting the body area for massage.
  12. Appropriately finishing the procedure. Covering the patient with a blanket at the end of the procedure and waiting a few minutes to change body position will prolong the feeling of relaxation and tactile sensations.
  13. Assisting to change the body position, assisting in dressing up.
  14. Measuring blood pressure and discussing the patient’s sensations in the massage afterwards.


The greater the knowledge and medical experience of the masseur, the more precise the physical examination of the senior becomes. The greater the willingness to help seniors, combined with appropriate massage techniques and individual, empathetic approach towards each of them, the more positive the immeasurable effects such as satisfaction, smiles, gratitude and improving the quality of life of seniors will be.

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